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50250 Starter 12v 2.2kw 11t PLGR Bosch style

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Price: $126.31
Item Number: 50250
Starter - Bosch style 12 volt, 11 tooth, 2.2kw
Direct Drive, CW rotation
This starter looks identical to a Bosch starter with a 9 tooth drive, our part #50257. Be certain to confirm your unit number and count the number of teeth in the drive.
0001218172, 0-001-218-172, 0001218772, 0-001-218-772, 0001223002, 0-001-223-002, 11180180, 111-80180, 1180180, 118-0180, 1180995, 118-0995, 7016332, 443115142726, 443-115-142-726, 9142726, 9-142-726, 18230, 105-208, 120-149, 120-149A, 120-149D 
Deutz engine BF4L1011 (2.71L - 2732cc)
Deutz engine F2L1011 (1.4L - 1366cc)
Deutz engine F3L1011 (2.0L - 2049cc)
Deutz engine F4L1011 (2.7L - 2732cc)
JLG Lift with Deutz engine
Thomas Equipment Skid Steer T243 Deutz BF4M1011F diesel 1997-2000

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50988 Starter 12v 2.2kw PLGR Bosch OEM New
Deutz engines BF4L1011, F2L1011, F3L1011, F4L1011
TXT 336.298.1070
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