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Enter the number that is on your alternator, starter, generator or magneto.  If you do not have that number, enter the model number of the equipment that you need the unit for. 

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For us to assist you with your search, please fill in this form with as much accuracy as possible.

  • Look for a number on the alternator, starter or generator itself. Correct original numbers are important for accurate identification. 
  • Check the make, brand, model number, type and year of your equipment.
  • Check to see if the engine has been replaced on this equipment. The alternator and starter on a replacement engine may not be the same as the ones on the original. This will change our search criteria. 
  • Check to see if the alternator or starter has been previously rebuilt or changed. If rebuilt or changed, the numbers on the replacement or repaired unit may not be the same as the original. Correct original numbers are important for accurate identification.
  • Serial numbers, or VIN's are of no use to us. Do not enter them in the Search Criteria or email them to us.

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