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10120 Alternator 12v 160a IR/EF 2800JB Leece Neville aftermarket

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Iskra Letrika alternator
Iskra Letrika alternator
Price: $233.16
Item Number: 10120

Alternator - Leece Neville style 12 volt 160 amps
Internal Regulator / External Fan
w/o pulley

Ford, Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Sterling, Volvo, Western Star, White

1664631C91, 1664632C91, 1664633C91, 513303C91, 513542C91, 514089C91, 585947C91, 216037, 216038, 216039, 216040, 3603857RX, 3603858, 3603858RX, 3603859, 3603859RX, 3604234RX, 3675160RX, 3675161RX, EE8013, EE8021, EE8022, EE8029, EE8033, EE8049, EE8060, EE8063, EE8068, EE9008, R0459139, R0459140, R0459152, D4HZ10346N, D4HZ-10346-N, D7HT10300CA, D7HT-10300-CA, D7HT10300DA, D7HT-10300-DA, D7HT10300EA, D7HT-10300-EA, D7HTCA, D7HT-CA, D7HTDA, D7HT-DA, D7HTEA, D7HT-EA, D8HZ10346A, D8HZ-10346-A, D8HZ10346B, D8HZ-10346-B, D8HZ10346C, D8HZ-10346-C, E8HT10300JA, E8HT-10300-JA, E8HT10300KA, E8HT-10300-KA, E8HTJA, E8HT-JA, E8HTKA, E8HT-KA, E8HZ10346J, E8HZ-10346-J, E8HZ10346K, E8HZ-10346-K, E9HT10300BA, E9HT-10300-BA, E9HTBA, E9HT-BA, F7HZ10346BA, F7HZ10346BA, GL187, GL-187, GL188, GL-188, GL188A, GL-188A, GL189, GL-189, GL189A, GL-189A, GL208, GL-208, LN2500J, LN2600J, 1618318C91, 1664631C91, 1664632C91, 1664633C91, 1664634C91, 513303C91, 513542C91, 514089C91, 527890C91, 547269C91, 585946C91, 585947C91, 585948C91, 2500J, 2500JB, 2500JC, 2600J, 2600JB, 2600JC, 2700, 2700J, 2700JB, 2800J,, 2800JB,, 2805J, 2805JB, 90743, A001090515, A001090516, A001090548, A001090549, A001090552, A001090553, A001090556, A001090558, A001090637, A001090650, A001090661, A001090682, A001090743, A0012500JB, A0012600JB, A0012600JC, A0012700JB, A0012800JB, RJ2500, RJ2805, 2132x10459021, 2132x10459022, 2MJ4112P2, 2MJ4112P2X, 2MJ4112P3, 2MJ4112P4, 2MJ4112P5, 02-7014930, 02-7014931, 802010018, 802013413, 802013415, 02-7023152, 27013152, 402505510, 802010019, V1119906, V1119907, 7608, 7611, 7612, 7613, 7614, 270-420, 270-421, 270-421A, 270-422, 270-423, 270-425

TXT 336.298.1070
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